How Mobile Coupons Can Help Your Business

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How Mobile Coupons Can Help Your Business

Mobile coupons, sometimes called mobile tickets, are paperless coupons that are delivered directly to mobile devices.  If your business is not using mobile coupons to market, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity that is inexpensive, effective and super-easy to execute.  Are you interested in learning more about mobile coupons and what they can do for you?  Here are some ways in which mobile coupons can help your business:

How do mobile coupons work?  Mobile coupons are opt-in, meaning you only send them to people who have already expressed an interest in receiving news of your special offerings.  They are generally delivered by way of text message.

Advantages of mobile coupons.  As previously mentioned, people must opt-in to receive your mobile coupons.  This is an advantage in itself, as it means that you are automatically marketing to the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service.  Now that’s target marketing at its best!  Another advantage of mobile coupons is that they are extremely inexpensive to use, especially when compared to the cost of printing and mailing their paper counterparts.  Mobile coupons are also more personable.  What does that mean?  Well, to send a mobile coupon, you are communicating directly with the recipient, and in real time.  In a sense, you are developing an ongoing relationship with your customers, via text message.  You simply can’t provide that type of personalized experience using direct mail.

How to use mobile coupons.  The idea of using mobile coupons is to get more people into your store.  Make them an offer they can’t resist.  Once they are in your store, given you provide them with a positive experience, they are likely to come back again, coupon or not.  You can also increase your customer base exponentially by encouraging your mobile contacts to spread the word.  Offer them an additional special deal for referring you to others who will opt in to receive your mobile coupons.  Word spreads quickly in the world of mobile technology, and your business can use that to its advantage.

Fine-tuning your marketing via mobile coupons.  One great thing about using mobile coupons (versus paper coupons) is that they can be tracked.  You can see exactly how many people opened your coupon, as well as how many customer conversions your coupon affected, and then you can use that information to fine-tune your marketing campaigns for the greatest possible effectiveness.

Mobile coupons can help your business, and should be an integral part of your next marketing campaign.  Make the most of your mobile coupon marketing by enlisting the help of professionals.  Hire us, mobilemarketers, to help you create your next effective mobile coupon campaign.  We can be reached by phone, at 000-000-0000, or by email: