The 3 Most Overall Important Factors about Taking Your Business Mobile

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The 3 Most Overall Important Factors about Taking Your Business Mobile

These days, in order to truly stay on top of the Internet marketing game, you must do more than just manage a great website, post in forums, and participate in social media networks.  You must be willing to take your web presence to the next level, and that means going mobile.  What does it mean to go mobile?  For starters, the mobile web is a completely new frontier; you can’t expect to just transfer your traditional web presence into the mobile domain if you want to be successful.  That is because mobile websites are different, mobile web users expect different things, and mobile search engines use a protocol unique to the mobile world.  If you don’t take your business mobile, you will be missing out on this new and exciting sector.  Therefore, it pays (literally) to get in the know.  Here are the three most overall important factors about taking your business mobile:

Traditional site design versus mobile site design.  While it is true that people can access and view your traditional website using their mobile devices, it is also true that users will have an extremely difficult time reading your site’s content, and an even tougher time navigating through your site.  (If you want to know what your traditional site looks like on a mobile device, simply zoom out – a lot – on your desktop computer screen.  Not pretty, huh?)  Whereas traditional site design is aimed at creating a comprehensive and visually pleasing experience for site visitors, mobile site design centers primarily on ease of navigation.  Mobile web users don’t like scrolling, typing in text, or waiting for pages to load; therefore, mobile websites keep content and graphics to a minimum, and instead focus on providing exactly what is needed in a way that is super-simple to view and access.

The mobile audience.  Many mobile web users use only their mobile devices to access the Internet, foregoing computer use altogether.  That means they expect certain things.  They use the web to search for businesses and get quick information, and do very little web browsing “just for the fun of it.”  They want quality, not quantity, and they don’t want to have to work to use a website.

Mobile SEO.  SEO is just as important in the mobile web as it is in the traditional web.  However, it is also much different.  Mobile search engines behave differently, and the unique composition of mobile websites means they must be optimized in ways that are unique to the mobile world.  Taking the wrong steps, or skipping certain steps, when using SEO for your mobile website can make it virtually invisible in the mobile web.  Learn everything you can about this new context, and get help if needed.

Taking your business mobile is a great way to stay relevant in today’s market, but it must be done right.  Hire us, mobilewebdesigners, to help you build an effective mobile website.  We can be reached by phone, at 000-000-0000, or by email: